Our Methodology

A common methodology is used to identify, evaluate and present the most qualified candidates, though each search has unique characteristics. This process has proven successful over the years in assuring consistent results regardless of the complexity of the engagement.

To ensure continuity and in-depth coverage, we utilize the comprehensive resources of Stone Murphy. One executive search professional has principal accountability for completion of the search and in most cases an additional professional works in partnership from start to finish on every engagement.

One: Initial Consultation

Initial discussions are essential in developing a thorough understanding and definition of the assignment as well as the best strategy for the search. We conduct meetings with key individuals designated by our client to better understand the culture of your company, the position requirements and qualifications, and the goals and expectations of the role.

Two: Position Development

Using the information and insights gained in the initial consultations we draft or enhance a position description for your review and approval. This summarizes our understanding of the responsibilities, objectives, qualifications, preferences and interpersonal characteristics required. It provides a key document to attract prospective candidates to your opportunity and serves as a guide to evaluate each candidate’s qualifications and fit.

Three: Search Strategy & Candidate Identification

Stone Murphy identifies companies within targeted sectors on a local, regional and/or national basis in order to focus on individuals who meet our preferred criteria. Our research capabilities are extensive and we employ all techniques in order to generate a substantial pool of potential candidates and referral sources. In addition to accessing our proprietary database, we utilize our professional network and associations from previously conducted searches of similar nature.

Four: Recruitment

We contact individuals on our target list to present your opportunity and solicit interest or referrals. As conversations evolve to expressions of interest, we provide client information and engage in more serious discussions. The most promising candidates are invited to meet either in person or via video conference for competency based interviews and cultural evaluation.

Five: Candidate Evaluation

The evaluation of candidates during our interview process is based on specific competencies and interpersonal criteria that our client has defined. We explore past work history for a demonstrated track record of success and achievement. Candidates are then reviewed and ranked according to a relative value assessment and a final short list is prepared. All candidates are carefully vetted before being presented to our client.

Six: Presentation & Recommendation of Candidates

We typically meet with our client within 30 - 45 days and present a report that summarizes our search strategy, our findings and other issues relevant to the engagement. This report includes documentation of all individuals contacted during the search allowing our client to monitor our progress and ensure a comprehensive search. We discuss our recommended candidates and together decide who will be included in the interview process. We provide feedback to both our client and candidates during the interview process so questions and concerns are addressed prior to moving forward.

Seven: Referencing & Background Evaluation

Once mutual interest is demonstrated between our client and a specific candidate(s), reference and background checking is done to support the candidacy of these individuals. We personally conduct thorough reference checks which are documented for your confidential use. In addition, we verify education, degrees and professional certifications, and conduct background checks.

Eight: Structuring & Closing an Offer

Once a final candidate has been selected, we serve as the intermediary between the client and candidate to facilitate a successful conclusion to the search. We provide our client with recommendations on compensation structuring, offer presentation and negotiation strategies.



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